Poetry : Gamageen nahi main (गमगीन नहीं मैं)


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Have you ever found yourself being laden by a burden of sorrows day by day? Have you ever felt that happiness has forgot the path of your home and taken a different route altogether? But friends, there's nothing like that. Happiness and sorrow both are here with you always. It's just that which one gets more attention, which one we pick up and choose to carry along with us. If we choose to be there in the company of sadness, then the presence of happiness would not be felt even if it's close to us. Similarly, if we learn how to embrace happiness, even a tiny source of joy can do wonders and enlighten the darkness of despair and misery. Hope you always find a way to hold on to the rope of hope and may you always keep a door open to let the fresh air of happiness in. So, let's donate a smile on the way and never forget to spread the wave of happiness!

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