AITM Episode 54 - Cutting the Grass


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Super Fun Tabletop presents: Adventures in the Millennium!

A Pokemon Tabletop United Campaign

Act 4: Blinded Me with Science

The gang returns to the city where it all started for them, Eterna City! They decide to head on over to the gym, and Gabriel challenges Gardenia for the Forest Badge!

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Songs Used:

OC ReMix #2940: Sonic CD (US) 'Take It All the Way' [Sonic Boom] by Magellanic & PROTO·DOME

OC ReMix #1441: Final Fantasy X 'White Skies (Club Mix)' [People of the North Pole] by bLiNd

OC ReMix #1712: Sonic the Hedgehog 'Metamorphic Rock' [Marble Zone] by DarkeSword & Juan Medrano

OC ReMix #2195: Pokémon Gold Version 'Champion's Horizon' [Route #26] by WillRock

OC ReMix #2729: Pokémon Blue Version 'Conundrum' [Battle (VS Gym Leader)] by DjjD & Source X

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