AITM Episode 56 - The Battle of Eterna City


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Act 4: Blinded Me with Science

The city is ablaze, Genesect are ripping it apart. Who will save us?

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Songs Used:

OC ReMix #2987: Castlevania: Bloodlines 'Satanic Spire' [The Discolored Wall] by Gario

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Final Fantasy VII OC ReMix by Sir_NutS, Sadorf: "With Heart and Soul" [Battles Begin] (#4057)

Pokémon Red Version OC ReMix by Danilo Ciaffi: "Farewell, Beloved Ones" [Lavender Town] (#4079)

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OC ReMix #1974: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 'Trance Turnabout!' [Questioning~Allegro 2001] by DigiE

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OC ReMix #1603: Pokémon Red Version 'TEEM.ROKIT' [Team Rocket Hideout] by Tweex

Silent Hill 2 OC ReMix by HoboKa: "Numbness & Knives" [Promise (Reprise)] (#3996)

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