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Sometimes chaos comes into our lives in the form of a sudden and devastating event. We know a heartbreaking event can throw a life into chaos in an instant. Maybe you lost your job, your home or a loved one. It looks different for each of us, but we have all experienced some kind of tragedy in our lives. Neisha Byrd is no stranger to heartbreak as she has lost both of her husband and son. In today’s episode, Neisha shares her story of loss and how she chooses to continue to live a full life despite her pain. We can all learn something about how to navigate the chaos of loss through Neisha’s story. We know loss can feel so isolating, but know you aren’t alone.

Neisha Byrd was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin lived there for nine years. Then moved to Illinois for seven years. In 1983 with her parents she moved to Dallas, Texas. Where she attended College and worked alongside her parents in their family business.

Neisha has a divine gift of nurturing and has spent the last 19 years supporting the staff and being “School Mom” to the students, as Administrative Assistant at Trinity Christian School in Cedar Hill, Texas for nineteen years.

Neisha is a champion for Transformation and works tirelessly to be an example on how to live out the Word of God on a daily basis. Her mission is to empower others to see themselves loved by the Father and walk out their full potential in God. She has traveled as far as Scotland and India sharing her life story.

Neisha was the devoted wife of Wendell Byrd(2018) for over 26 years and loving mother of Cameron(2015) and Cailyn her 23 year old daughter ACU graduate She currently resides in DeSoto, Texas.

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Instagram: @mabyrd17

Website: www.neishabyrd.com

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