02/13/17 - Matt Perez - Primordial Void Contact/Does True Love Exist


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There are conflicting thoughts regarding separateness and unity. In one breath we can say, "everything is connected", and on the other breath we recognize the purpose to separate ourselves from attachment. To separate from attachment could be simply recognizing habits, such as: using your phone too much, over eating, talking too often. But when you start to dig deeper and recognize your attachments are also within thought, within memory, beyond form, and so on; you realize all attachment is singularly pointed towards your awareness which resides inside the body. So in a way you could say we are just putting our awareness on our awareness, yet in another way it could be seen as if we are separating our body from our awareness.

Matt Perez, perhaps unknowingly, engages this separateness through fasting, taking drugs, meditating, and exercise. Recognizing the body's potential and experimenting with its limits. Matt takes us through a new venture in his discovering the potential of the body and mind as he discuss his encounter with Sensory Deprivation. While immersed in a silent absence of familiarity, Matt slowly witnesses a nothingness that envelopes him. While in the past it was this body he had used as a means to understand himself, although this time he realizes that by removing his body entirely he was able to see himself and everything around him in a new light. Where is this familiar nothingness? It may be awareness itself.

Matt Perez is a musician and plays in the band ThreeDayWeekend. You can hear his band by visiting: threedayweekendma.bandcamp.com

All music is performed by Nick Filth

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