02/19/17 - Jim Carrigan - Let In the Bad/Episode 2


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In part 2 Jim Carrigan digs deeper and reveals personal details about his life he says he has never divulged before. Sometimes within the sacred place of conversation you can get carried away, especially while alcohol (spirits) lubricates dialog. After recording, I spoke with Jim again and verified that he was okay with releasing what he had spoken about. He stated "there is not a word that I said on that recording I would take back".

If I were to choose one word to describe Jim Carrigan, it would be "Pilgrim". Just as the rest of us are searching for answers and clues in this game or play, Jim's sensitivity, insight, and honesty makes him a welcomed traveler on my journey as well.

You can contact Jim Carrigan by visiting www.inkfreeinthe603.com and www.facebook.com/inkfreeinthe603

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