03/05/17 - Dan Bythewood - The Zone/A Boy and his Leaves


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Dan Bythewood and Nick Filth discuss many things; the idea of presence, how musical genres can create myopic identities, and the struggle with change.

After each episode the guest is allowed to describe themselves anyway they wish. At the end of the last episode, Pete Marr, chose to have a poem read instead of giving titles. Dan was enamored by this and too chose to have something read as well. It is the following:

Through all labels we subject ourselves to, and all of the ideologies, the only ones that eternally ring true are compassion, kindness and love.

We All Belong.

Dan Bythewood is a tattoo artist working at New York Adorned located in Manhattan, NY.

You can find Dan’s artwork on instagram by simply searching for his name.

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