04/09/17 - Joshua Nute - Transcendental Insight/Suffering is the Entry


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In this episode Nick Filth speaks with Joshua Nute about his time in India, Tibet and walking on the "spiritual path towards enlightenment". Joshua takes us back into his past outlining the origins of his interest in Buddhism. A journey that led him across the Himalayans and back to the west to find himself peace momentarily until 9/11.

Josh and Nick speak at length about the importance of a guide when delving into the mystical nature of self and the abstract deeper reality. This figure which was lacking in Joshua’s quest for transcendental insight ultimately was the cause for many struggles along the way. Struggles that unfortunately led him to walk away from Buddhism entirely.

Joshua Nute has spent the majority of his life seeking to help people with disabilities gain greater independence.

He claims to have had at least one foot in the pursuit of mindfulness and on the path towards enlightenment. Joshua is also a father, a husband, and a hobbyist photographer. You can find his photography on Instragram by searching for the username: “naturesok”

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