04/11/17 Jamie Hurley - Everything In Small Doses/Sh*t Happens


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Jamie Hurley openly discusses a physical disorder that he has gone through over the past few years. While trying his best with doctors and surgeries, he ended up conjoining the help from physicians with a new drug he had heard about from a friend called Kratom. Kratom combined with the treatment he had received from doctors helped him tremendously. Jamie details his entire experience with his health issues and expresses the relief he had gotten from the controversial drug Kratom.

Jamie also goes into his new venture into Micro-dosing. Micro-dosing is a new treatment in which a person takes incredibly small threshold amounts of psychedelics depending on the needs of the user. For Jamie it is used to treat his depression. What makes this so interesting is that, the little I know of Jamie, he’s a very outgoing and social person. He is a funny, very intelligent, and kind person. I couldn’t believe that someone like himself fought with depression. Jamie states that his depression is present when he is alone, so he struggles with it almost every night.

As with all guests, I’d like to thank Jamie for his complete honesty. Especially about his medical issues which are so personal. I would also like to state that Polishing The Black Stone does not advocate the use of any drugs whatsoever. The subjects covered in this podcast are for informational use only. Be safe.

Jamie Hurley is a web developer and software consultant who is a strong supporter of the open source software community and an advocate of net neutrality and freedom of information. For business inquiries contact james.hurleyiv@gmail.com

Jamie is also very involved with the the local Seacoast NH skateboarding, music, and artistic communities. If you're looking for places to skate, book shows/events, or places to display your art you can find him by searching Jamie IV through most social media platforms.

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