06/29/17 - James Travis and Matt Kerley - Why am I doing this?/Twitty City


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Matt Kerley and James Travis are two traveling tattooers who worked a few days at Hidden History Tattoo. I got the chance to speak with them late one evening on the last night of their stay before they drove off to Canada.

Often do we snap into the moment and recognize that we have been drifting. Many of us drive home from work and then realize we weren’t even paying attention, nor could we even remember the drive home. This loss of time is us ultimately losing control of our awareness. I personally believe intention is tied with awareness. When you have intention, you are aware. As stated, many people drift through situations without recognition, or focus. This drifting can lead us into entire careers. This carelessness in life has a seeming momentum to it, we can often get caught in the pull and look back and wonder, as David Byrne aptly sang: “And you may ask yourself, well, How did I get here?”. How often to do ask yourself this question? What led you to this moment right now, what series of events led you here? Where you conscious of these events, did you consciously make decisions that led you to where you are right now?

These are important questions to ask yourself. So I ask a very simple yet difficult question to both Matt and James. “why do you tattoo?”

Matt Kerley and James Travis are both nomadic tattooers. Matt works privately doing freelance illustration and tattooing in North Carolina and James is currently traveling working in different tattoo shops. You can find their portfolios and contact information on instagram or the following links.

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