07/31/17 - J.G. - Tearing Identity Down to Love/Surrender, Doubt, and Destiny


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I met J.G. on the side of the road, as he was a hitchhiker. I, meanwhile, was getting through a terrible hangover, from which I had just vomited. Through our short introductions, and me finding out where he was headed, he launched into his story. J.G. is on a pilgrimage around the United States on zero dollars and without revealing his identity. He is motivated and moved by generosity and kindness. He explains his story and is often given free nights to stay in hotels and given rides hundreds of miles from people who pick him up.

Our conversations immediately went from compassion and kindness, to altered states of reality, chakras, tuning into the frequencies that individuals emanate, and Love. Despite how sick I was feeling I told J.G. about Polishing The Black Stone and I agreed to drive him to Portland Maine and feed him if he would be a guest on it. He agreed, and I did my best to fight my nausea to stay in the conversation. For which I cut short because I vomited again and couldn’t talk. I fed J.G., drove him to Portland Maine and pointed him in the direction of food and hotels. J.G. and I have intermittently remained in contact through his changing cell phones and through Instagram. He actually stayed with another tattooer a few weeks prior who happens to be in a band that KYOTY was just released on a compilation with.

J.G. is also documenting his travels to turn it into a documentary. During his travel his identity will not be revealed, so you can not learn more about him by searching for him online. Although this is one link related to his cause where you can donate to support his film: http://www.antiterrorism.us

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