08/01/17 - Tom Papows - What's Appropriate?/Sharing Towards One-ness


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Tom Papows and Nick Filth begin with Nick delving deeper into his opinion of the last guest on Polishing The Black Stone, J.G. The hitchhiker that Nick had driven to Portland Maine after recording podcast with him. The conversation itself and the following conversations and experiences led Nick to gain a broader perspective on the mysterious J.G.

But the conversation turns directly to the matter at hand that Tom and Nick have been waiting to speak to each other about; cultural appropriation. A difficult subject with many sharp edges, Tom and Nick bring their own experiences and views on the matter.

Tom Papows is a freelance camera operator that has worked on documentaries such as, Birth of a Party, Homemade Parade and The Greasy Pole. He has worked with National Geographic and The Discovery Channel, and worked on music videos for artists such as Guster.

Tom describes himself as a vagabond, and cat enthusiast.

He is currently working at Lord Hobo Brewing Company, while planning his next trip across the globe. You can follow him on instagram @popeye_the_cameraman

All music is performed by Nick Filth.

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