10/16/17 - Bobby Eckstein - Psychopathy/It's Okay To Want To Be Alone


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Bobby Eckstein happened to be a guest on another podcast Nick Filth was listening to titled: Missing Maura Murray. The familiar voice made Nick Google "Dr. Robert Eckstein", and was surprised to find out that Nick knew him, through his wife who is a customer of his, but went socially by the name Bobby. In the Maura Murray episode Bobby criticized the hosts usage of the words “Sociopath” and “Psychopath”. He shed light on this subject but Nick asked if Bobby would be interested in speaking on PTBS to expand further as the amount of ignorance on this subject is staggering.

Dr. Robert Eckstein is a Senior Lecturer at the University of New Hampshire for both the Department of Psychology and the Justice Studies Program. He is also the Curriculum Development Specialist for Prevention Innovations Research Center, a research group at the University of New Hampshire that focuses on the prevention of sexual assault, relationship abuse, and stalking. Dr. Eckstein was given the University of New Hampshire’s Excellence in Teaching Award in 2010.

If you would like to read the Psychopathy Overview Dr. Robert Eckstein had written, which includes the 16 characteristics that epitomize a psychopath please email: polishingtheblackstone@gmail.com

You can hear Bobby speak more on rape prevention by watching his TEDTalk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mFzIumKKsc

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