12/16/16 - Keenan Bouchard - Uncovering Intent/Am I An Artist?


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Keenan Bouchard examines with Nick Filth his new venture away from familiarity. Familiarity in his surroundings, in his relationships, and how this will reflect in his artwork. We discuss intent as an artist, and what it means to recognize oneself as an artist.

Can you be an artist without intent? Do artistic creations with intent hold more energy and have lasting power? How do you personally define intent, and do you live a life with intent?

Keenan Bouchard is a tattooer now based out of Austin Texas working at www.rockofagestattoo.com

You can view and contact Keenan Bouchard by visiting www.keenanbouchard.com you can also view his work on instagram by searching for keenanbouchardtattoo

All music is performed by Nick Filth

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