05/13/17 - Seamus Menihane - Witnessing Trends That Effect Art/Performance Dilemma


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Seamus Menihane is a touring musician in notable bands such as Vattnet Viskar and Vanna. He has also played drums in one of Nick’s bands Psychic Wounds. In this episode Nick seeks Seamus’s perspective on what it’s like to perform live in 2017. Nick believes that the trends of interacting with media in all forms is being redefined, and that attendances to performances on the tier that his bands exist will dwindle to nothing. Seamus lends his opinions and views on the matter, sourcing his experiences of touring all over the world and how social media impacts our relation to new music.

Seamus Menihane is the drummer for Vattnet Viskar and Vanna. He also operates the silk screening company Union Screen Printing. You can hear his music and contact Seamus through these following links:




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