How to take back our Democracy from the Plutocrats with the right narrative


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Support Politics Done Right: Become a Patron now( Yesterday I had dinner with a very dear friend. She pointed out a reality that Progressives must heed. We stand for the values Americans say they want in poll after poll. The wards of the Plutocracy, Republicans, Corporatist Democrats, and a large percentage of the wealthy, define these as Socialism as practice in Venezuela and Cuba. Of course, they are instilling fear with these lies because they fear an enlightened America. My friend pointed out that like herself in the past, the manner in which our economy functions is all they know. She said that much of the changes that we promote are difficult for most who are indoctrinated to consider. She is absolutely right. So what do we do? The Plutocracy survives by lying to Americans. They imply that maintaining the status quo is existential and anything else presents a danger. Progressives cannot go high on those terms. They must make with exampled that all are seeing now that it is what the Plutocrats are doing that makes their life not only difficult but kills. We must do our best to make Americans realize that changing is existential.

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