Netroots Nation 2019 is over and we made history. Trump is smoke and mirroring a


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Out of the Netroots bubble and back to Trump’s world I must say it was refreshing to be among 4,000 people that were Liberal and Progressives over the last five days. It was like living in a reality-based world after living vicariously through a fictional movie. But all things must come to an end and we are forced back in the mistake that will take a decade to recover from. It is amazing how much damage one man who unabashedly implemented the ideology of the Right could cause, some irreversible. Independent Progressive media need support from Progressives Free Speech TV, Pacifica Network, and most Independent Progressive outlets are way behind in raising the funds they need to operate much like the smaller outlets like Politics Done Right. We will discuss why and solutions. That said, please support our GoFundMe here.

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