Ep 17: Interview with Dena Grayson


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Ep 17: Interview with Dena Grayson Michael has a chat with Dena Grayson, a scientist who ran for Congress in 2016. We discuss what it is like to run a campaign, Russian attacks on our elections, outside PAC spending and what candidates need to understand - namely that voters don’t really care all that much about you personally, they care what you can do for them. Dena is married to Alan Grayson and is currently involved in his primary for the United States House of Representatives in the Florida 9th district. The primary will be held August 28th. See more of Dena’s videos at: https://denagrayson.com https://twitter.com/DrDenaGrayson Give us your ideas, feedback and suggestions by calling (202) 681-2274 Hosts/Guests Michael Ham Dena Grayson http://facebook.com/partyofreasonandprogress https://www.facebook.com/politicswithinreason/ @theOfficialPorp

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