Ep 18: Approval Voting - A Better Way to Vote


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The way we typically vote is that you select only one candidate for a position, but there are many flaws with this methodology. Aaron Hamlin from The Center for Election Science discusses an alternative called Approval voting. Under approval voting, voters can select as many candidates as they like for a position. This makes third party candidates far more viable and does a better job representing voter preference. Approval voting is also simpler than other voting alternatives like ranked choice. Approval voting will be on the ballot in Fargo North Dakota this year! Learn more at https://www.electology.org https://www.electology.org/blog/its-official-approval-voting-will-be-ballot-fargo%21 Host: Michael Ham Guest: Aaron Hamlin facebook.com/partyofreasonandprogress www.facebook.com/politicswithinreason/ @theOfficialPorp

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