Ep. 20: Cara Santa Maria & The Skeptics Guide to the Universe


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Sam and Mike return to shilling the new book by the Skeptics Guide to the Universe with Cara Santa Maria!! Our first return guest, Cara Santa Maria, takes a break out of her busy schedule to talk to PWR about her new book, the Skeptics Guide to the Universe - a collaboration by the hosts of the Skeptics Guide to the Universe podcast which Cara co-hosts (listen to episode 19 to hear the interview with co-author Steven Novella). We talk about whether a skeptical parent should talk to their kid about Santa Clause. Which obviously leads to a conversation about death and reasoning. The conversation also leads to a discussion about how to change people's minds over time and the challenges of being a skeptic. All three of us discuss our different religious backgrounds, Evangelical, Mormonism and Quakerism. Disclaimer: Mike and Sam did receive free pre-release editions of the book, but also ordered their own copies because they enjoyed it that much. Sam's was also stolen at the airport. We hope whoever stole it enjoys it as much as we did. You can buy the book here: www.theskepticsguide.org/the-skeptics…full-of-fake or here www.amazon.com/Skeptics-Guide-Un…gly/dp/1538760533 Cara is also the host of Talk Nerdy to Me which you can listen to here. https://www.carasantamaria.com/podcast/ Hosts: Samuel Jennings Michael Ham Guest: Cara Santa Maria

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