573 Should I live with my metamour?


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My metamour and I get along great, and I need a roommate. Will it muck things up if I ask them to move in?

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0:00 Introduction

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2:10 Poly in the news

9:55 Topic: Should I live with my metamour?

Olipoly writes in about the possibility of living with her metamour; she doesn’t want to live with her partner and gets along with them great. She’s considering asking her metamour to move in to the room that her roommate is moving out of.

  • Don’t ask us; ask them!
  • Ask them all the questions you just asked us and think through the possibilities to discover hard limits.
  • Practice by spending a weekend together.
  • Treat them professionally, like a client you need to keep happy.
  • Get a dishwasher.

16:15 Happy Poly Moment

Bunz in Knoxville originally had a negative impression of polyamory. But she and her husband read, talked out it, did exercises, and even started a meetup group in Knoxville!

18:00 Feedback

Mike gives feedback on episode 572 about one person not taking responsibility for someone else’s emotions.

23:35 Thank you!

Welcome Susan to the Poly Weekly Playmates!

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