Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 367


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Transmission 367

It’s On You – Happyness

Daft Punk Is Playing At My House – LCD Soundsystem

On & On – The Rapture

J.D.H.A.N.E.Y. – The Monochrome Set

The Man Who Invented Himself – Robin Hitchcock

Allé Sauvage – Beak>

Lifeline Costume – Pottery

On Twisted Ground – The Murder Capital

Daylight Matters – Cate Le Bon

Opening Night/As the World Turns – Jessica Pratt

Pick Up the Pieces – Money Mark

Sports – Viagra Boys

Standing On the Corner – Warmduscher

Temperature – The Chats

Stick In A Five and Go – Sleaford Mods

Bullitt – Lalo Schifrin

Whirly-Bird – Silver Apples

Sunspots – Julian Cope

Big Cheeseburgers and Good French Fries – Blaze Foley

The Dial - Squid

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