Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 368


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Transmission 368

Honky Tonk Part 1 – Bill Doggett

Valleri – The King of Luxembourg

Don’t Send Me No Flowers – The Blue and the Grey

Recorded By the Devil – The Dead Pirates

1-2-3 – The Professionals

Hey Boy – Magic Kids

Whopper Dave – Royal Trux

Drug Machine in Heaven – The Flaming Lips

Screaming Industrial Breakdown – Peter Stampfel & the Bottlecaps

Like A Fool – Stanley Brinks and the Wave Pictures

I Am Here (I Am Alive) – Bonny Doon

Take No Notice of the World Outside – The Stairs

Someone’s Gonna Die – Blitz

Real Hot Breakers – Charlie and the Moonhearts

Airways – Reducers

Kinky – John Barry & his Orchestra

Bongcero – Los Telstars

Actions Speak Louder Than Words – Chocolate Milk

Salford – Deliluh

The More It Works – Parkay Quarts

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