Episode 135: Maximizing Program Efficiency & Team Training with Jamie Novak & Alicia Stephens


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If you are like us, then you have probably been to some trade shows, walked down the aisles, and noticed specialty chemicals such as enzymes and phosphate removers that got you excited to incorporate them into your team’s daily routines. You just don’t know how.

We are joined today by Jamie Novak who is the Brand Manager for NC Brands Products, a division of Bio-Lab, and Alicia Stevens who has worked at Bio-Lab for over 16 years and today is in charge of all education and training for the company.

Jamie and Alicia are experts in program efficiency and discuss not only how to embrace this technology, but how to set up your maintenance program to give your customers a better water quality experience, give you peace of mind, and, if done correctly, give you more profit.

They have also launched some new training options that we are very excited to share with you all. These trainings don’t only have to be on specialty chemicals, either. They have tons of great options and training topics covering a wide variety of topics. The best part is, these are personal, one-on-one training sessions so that you don’t have to share your time with anyone but you and your team.

Listen in as Jamie and Alicia share the changes they have seen in the pool industry over the years, best practices for incorporating specialty chemicals into your daily maintenance routine, and their information on their NC Brands Customized Training Experience.

Topics Discussed:

06:28 - An update on Bio-Lab chlorine situation

09:40 - Program efficiency and recommendations when using enzymes

15:21 - Incorporating specialty chemicals into your daily maintenance routine

18:13 - Ways you can train your team on using specialty products

21:18 - Changing the way people think about pools moving forward

23:14 - Using liquid conditioner and phosphate removers

32:54 - Trainings that Bio-Lab & NC Brands are currently offering

46:43 - How to sign up for the training

47:09 - All about the Pro Series Pool & Spa app


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Key Quotes from Episode:

  • My favorite thing about the industry is the people I get to work with every single day. ~Jamie
  • When you’re using liquid chlorine, it does impact your water chemistry quite a bit in most cases, especially with pH. You want to make sure that you are compensating for the effect that’s going to have on the pool when you switch to using liquid as your sanitizer. ~Alicia
  • We really position enzymes as the multivitamin for your pool. It’s just going to make everything else work better, provide ease of maintenance, and allow for better ownership experience. ~Jamie
  • Features aren’t valuable when you’re training on products. It’s benefits that we need to focus on. ~Alicia
  • An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of chlorine. ~Alicia
  • When I used to do trainings, when I’ve gone through this whole segment on natural chemistry, if you know at the end that enzymes are good and phosphates are bad, I’ve done my job. We used to have t-shirts that say “No phosphates? No problem.” ~Jamie

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