Episode 75: Viewing Life’s Challenges as Opportunities to Improve with John Martese of On Demand Design Concepts


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From a young age, John has been overcoming what life has thrown at him. His father left at the age of 2 and he was raised by his mother. Along with his mother, he had some great influences in his life such as his grandparents and stepfather who helped teach him many of life’s lessons. John tells us what this experience was like and how it helped him embrace other challenges that came his way. One of those challenges was the economic crash in 2007, which led to him getting into the pool service side of the industry. John had to face a harsh reality and make many changes in his life. Years later, another health-related challenge led him to the design side of the business. You don’t want to miss this inspiring story!

We also have some great discussions about the pool service sector of the industry. We go over topics like employees, growth, downsizing, selling routes, and how adopting the word no into your vocabulary can change your business for the better. On the design side, John talks about different concepts, some of his projects, structure studios, using Instagram as a platform, and more. We hope you enjoy this episode!

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