EPS 075 Supporting the bees and why your business should give back (Guest: Brianna Hallet)


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Welcome to the show Brianna Hallet. Brianna is the owner and CEO of Swizzlesticks Salon and Spa. She shares her journey to becoming the CEO of the company, what the transition from employee to CEO looked like and how she has incorporated some of her values into the company. Swizzlesticks recently adopted 100,000 bees and we talk about how that initiative came about, why supporting the bees is so important to Brianna herself and to Swizzlesticks. We talk about the importance of having a charity aspect to your business and how to pick a charity to support. https://www.swizzlesticks.com/ https://www.instagram.com/swizzlestickssalonspa/ https://www.instagram.com/breezeyanne/

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