The top 5 trends everyone is talking about in the HIMSS community


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Today's episode is sponsored by J2Global's eFax Corporate the world’s leading digital cloud fax technology for the enterprise, with more than 11 million customers worldwide. Our guests today are Jeffrey Sullivan, Chief Technolgy Officer of J2 Global's Cloud Services and Lee Barrett, Executive Director of Electronic Health Network Accreditation Commission aka EHNAC. This session explores the top 5 trends everyone is talking about in the HIMSS community including: The Rising cost of healthcare: reducing the financial burden for healthcare providersOvercoming the roadblocks to interoperability and the impact of TEFCA aka the Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement Improving clinical and administrative workflowStreamlining data standards and protocols to facilitate communication across systems; and Enhancing the security of Personal Health Information and preventing data breaches Moderating the conversation is Fred Goldstein, co-Host of PopHealth Week.

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