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Tracklist: Port Manteau - Otic (Original Mix) Capa - Mosaic (Extended Mix) Dan Patrick - Torus (Original Mix) Kolonie - Epilogue (Extended Mix) Henry Saiz - Cry If You Want To (Einmusik Remix) Teho, Aalson, Ceas - Hysteria (Original Mix) Yeadon - Ten (Original Mix) Betoko & TH;EN - Koming (Extended Mix) Paul Thomas, White-Akre - Vyote (Grum Extended Mix) Cristoph - Starcourt (Original Mix) James Solace - Spectral (Original Mix) Blueprint (UK) - The Mind Is As Deep As You Make It (Extended Mix) Cristoph - Sleepless Nights (Original Mix) Gallago - Freefall (Original Mix) Port Manteau - Quantum (Original Mix) Port Manteau - Totem (Original Mix)

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