Professor Michael J. Gonzalez, PhD: Metabolic Correction; A Functional Biochemical Therapeutic Approach


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Dr Gonzalez is Professor at the Nutrition Program, School of Public Health in the Medical Sciences Campus, University of Puerto Rico and Adjunct faculty at the University of Western States. The author over 200 scientific publications, Dr Gonzalez has developed a model for therapeutic intervention based on pioneering experimental science, innovative theories of disease development, and clinical research. In this interview Dr Gonzalez shares how is work has evolved, explores areas of particular relevance such as carcinogenesis and mitochondrial function, and provides us with important scientific and clinical insights.

Further reading:

González MJ, et al. Metabolic correction: a functional biochemical mechanism against disease--Part 1: concept and historical background. P R Health Sci J. 2015 Mar;34(1):3-8.

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