Company Reinventing The Walker-Co-Founders of Motivo Are Awesome Entrepreneurs


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Reinventing the Walker -Changing a 70 Year Old Design
Two entrepreneurs/co-founders of the startup, Motivo, just reinvented the walker. A design that went unchanged for over 70 years has finally been updated. That’s right: Gone are the days of hunching over a flimsy aluminum-tubed walker with awkwardly-added sliced-up tennis balls for glide assistance.
Jennifer Harris and her design partner, Jeremy Knopow, have made a mobility breakthrough for an aging generation.
You can see their innovation here:
A simple point here: The Motivo business is, for all intents and purposes, still a startup. And its first new product – the Tour, will see a market opportunity where we expect to see the Boomer care-giver population pay closer attention to their parents as they age – and, they’ll be seeking new and innovative solutions for better quality of life.
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