PP557: Saving Sanity Systems with Natasha Vorompiova


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Start tracking the most important numbers for your business.

Natasha Vorompiova found herself at a crossroads after moving to a new country with an infant, and decided to give entrepreneurship a shot. In the years since, she’s transformed her organizational skills into a sanity saving service for small business owners.

Listen as Natasha and Kim dive deep into one of the pillars of Positive Productivity… Systems!

HIGHLIGHTS 4:00 Raising a baby and a business at the same time 6:48 The growth that accompanied systems and structure 10:40 Kim shares her child-induced first small business experience 14:15 College expectations for Kim’s kids 18:56 The one-month boredom cycle and shiny idea syndrome 25:03 How does Natasha work with her clients? 33:27 Tool minimalism and process automation

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