97: Breaking down inspired vs forced action & helping you manifest your goals FASTER


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I often get asked the difference between inspired and forced action, so press play to learn a clear way to see the difference between the two of them!😊 ⁣ Inspired action —> Action that is natural to you. It feels like second nature and it feels like the next step. This type of action usually comes from your intuition. It’s fast and you need to act on it. Inspired action feels natural, fun and with ease. There is no forcing or making yourself do anything⁣ ⁣ Forced action —> Action that is forced, to get a specific result. This type of action is done by you when you want to make something happen. It’s action that is hard to do. It doesn’t feel good and you often find yourself putting it off. This action is tiring, a lot of hard work, and often doesn’t bring in the results you want.⁣ ⁣ As you can see, many entrepreneurs fall into the forced action area. The goal is to spend more time taking INSPIRED action. >>>Now introducing my FREE training: How to launch a 6 figure business...even if you're just starting out OR simply want to learn how to get to 6 figures, fast! SIGN UP: https://positivesoul.lpages.co/freebiztraining/ >>>For all goodies, click here: https://linktr.ee/positive___soul

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