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Keel’s proprietary technology directly integrates investors’ brokerage accounts. Our accounts are updated four times a day, allowing you to watch near real-time reactions to the market’s ups and downs. Curious about how Keel works? Follow this bonus account and start getting your trade alerts.
Keel is much more than just to follow others’ trades. With Keel, you can:
Follow Investors Based on Returns and Risk
With Keel’s technology, we retrieve data directly from investors’ brokerage accounts to present near real-time transactions to our users. You can view their historical returns, risk profiles, and specialized sectors before you subscribe to any investor.
Learn How To Invest Like a Pro
Most of our subscription plans come with in-depth stock analysis and market commentaries. By understanding the rationales behind each trade, you make more informed decisions and sharpen your investment acumen.
Manage All Your Investments in One Place
Managing multiple investment accounts is time-consuming, we get that. Keel offers a free account aggregator that helps you view your 401K, IRA and other investment accounts all in one place. It’s a free service.
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