A medical mystery on a college campus


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Is having so many candidates bad for Democrats?

So many Democrats are running for president that some will not qualify for the first debate — even though it allows for 20 candidates.

Michael Scherer covers campaigns for The Post. He says some Democratic leaders are worried the party will struggle to coalesce around one candidate in time to mount the strongest possible campaign against a president they urgently want to defeat.

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How university officials left their students in the dark about a viral outbreak

In late 2018, University of Maryland student Olivia Paregol was stricken with a mysterious illness. For more than two weeks, university officials remained silent about the reason — a viral outbreak.

Amy Brittain and Jenn Abelson are investigative reporters for The Post. They explored the consequences of the university’s decision through the story of this 18-year-old student.

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Trash at the bottom of the ocean

Trash is everywhere — even in places where no human has set foot before.

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