Is Travel Insurance Worth It?


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My mother and I are sitting at a red light then BAM! A truck hits us from behind. The driver claims he sneezed and lost control of his vehicle 🙄 Aside from some soreness, we are OK, but what if the accident had been a lot more serious?

The thought of hospital bills bankrupting me makes me panic more than broken bones. I’m American, but I don’t live in the U.S. and so I’m not part of the healthcare system. When I’m visiting my family in the States, World Nomads is my go-to company for insurance. With them, hopefully I won’t end up financially devastated if something bad happens to me in my home country.

Today on the podcast I am talking to Phil Sylvester, Head of PR and Media Communications at World Nomads. A former broadcast journalist, today Phil creates great content for World Nomads, including their podcast of the same name, which he co-hosts with Kim Napier (I make a guest appearance on the World Nomad’s Bangladesh episode).

I love what they’re doing over there at World Nomads because not only do they protect me while I’m traveling, but they also share my values, which can be summed up by Phil’s favorite travel quote, which is by Mark Twain: “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness…” I love Mark Twain and think we can all agree with him there.

I had a great time speaking with Phil. We get a little graphic in this episode with some of the stories. Hopefully you can handle it.

Did you know you can support this podcast by purchasing your travel insurance from World Nomads through the Postcard Academy?

How does that work? Well, I’m such a fan of World Nomads that I joined their partner program. If go to and click on one of the World Nomads’ links to buy your insurance, they’ll give a little monetary bonus to the show. You’ll also find a handy little travel insurance cost estimate calculator at


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