Motivating Yourself to Exercise with Dr Gordon Spence


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Welcome back to the Potential Psychology Podcast and our seventh season of the show. Seven seasons! And it's only getting better from here.

Today my guest is Dr Gordon Spence. Gordon and I studied together at The University of Sydney in the early 2000s and our paths have crossed a few times since. In July 2019 we met up by chance at the IPPA World Congress on Positive Psychology in Melbourne and what began as a quick, 'Hi, how are you?' quickly escalated into an intense and fascinating conversation about Gordon's upcoming book and his interest in exercise, longevity and motivation.

I walked away from that conversation so inspired and excited about the work that Gordon is doing that I just had to get him on the show. Here we recapture that conversation with all of it energy plus Gordon's tips for returning to exercise, fuelling motivation, setting goals and living a long, healthy and active life.

We discuss:
  • How Gordon 'got over his own nonsense' and motivated himself to return to marathon running just prior to his 50th birthday
  • Why we can be intrinsically motivated by something and yet still not act on it - and how to get past that
  • Planning for a healthier, happier future by asking the question, 'How do I want to be in 25 years time?'
  • Gordon's Dad's professional rowing career that he commenced aged 85!
  • What we can learn from those active in their 70s and 80s about living life to its fullest - and healthiest
  • Gordon's tips for 'having a crack' and upping your energy and activity.

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