From Madison Ave to Malaysia: Talking about passion, grit and brand with Austen Zecha


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Here's how his CV begins... Austen Zecha has a lifetime of humor and more than 55 years of working experience in Southeast Asian journalism, American political speechwriting, international oil companies’ PR counseling and Asian marketing communications...
We're talking to a true legend of marketing and advertising in Asia and beyond. Has anyone ever managed to put Austen in a box? Or two, or five? Has anyone ever managed to keep him quiet? Find the answer to these questions and more in this episode of Potluck. Some of the themes here:
. McDonald's arrival to Malaysia in 1981...winning a pitch against Madison Ave, celebrity tennis events, the king eating burgers, etc...
. ...and from burgers from California, to the potluck that is Asia: the history behind the 1999 campaign 'Malaysia Truly Asia': its legacy and its future
. well as, most entertainingly and inspiringly, talking about the personal brand - larger than life man himself Austen Zecha, Co-founder & CEO of K&L ISC
. ...and lots more...

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