POP 190 - Willow Tree with Charlotte Carrender - Part 4


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Charlotte Carrender has an amazing story!

In this interview she shares the story of her 21 year marriage to Ken... and what it was like for her to be married to a man who was struggling with a sexual addiction that escalated over the years... eventually leading to the end of the marriage.

What should a wife do... when she catches her husband using pornography... over and over again?

What should a wife do... when her husband promises he'll never do it again... over and over again?

What should a wife do... when her husband lies to her... over and over again?

What should a wife do... if her husband's sexual addiction is getting worse and worse over time?

For many years Charlotte was codependent with her husband's addiction... and therefore participated in the dysfunctional cycle that defined their life and marriage for so long. But eventually Charlotte joined a support group for women... and through that support group she began to grow as an individual... and find the resources she needed to become a healthier person... despite her husband's ongoing sexual addiction.

Eventually the marriage came to an end... but because of everything she had been through for so many years... Charlotte had a heart to help other women who have been hurt and betrayed by their husband's sexual infidelity. She therefore became a woman's support group leader... and has now been leading women's support groups for the past eight years!

Then... through a series of events... which they believe was providential... Tony and Charlotte met one another... and as they talked and prayed... Charlotte felt led to join with Tony so she could begin leading Power of Purity Women's Support Groups... which are called Willow Tree Groups.

Women who are struggling in a troubled marriage can find great insights and encouragement from Charlotte's story... and men can find great insights and understanding from a female point of view.

Be blessed as you hear this amazing story!

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