#63 - Attract The Right Partner And Romantic Relationship - Jonathon Aslay


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Power of Your Mind Podcast Interview with Jonathon Aslay – Attract The Right Partner And Romantic Relationship

In Episode #63, I am talking with Jonathon Aslay.

Jonathon Aslay is a mid-life dating coach with an emphasis on purposeful dating and an author. He studies male behavior. He listens to women and what they want when it comes to love. Most importantly, he is gifted at bridging the gap between the two. He started to see patterns in the things women complained about most, and those that continually baffled men. Over time, he realized that processing information from both sides and combining them with his own dating experiences enabled him to filter out the interpersonal “noise” that often causes people to invest in someone who is wrong for them.

In addition to his dating expertise and helping women navigate the dating world, Jonathon Aslay is also a leading figure in the self-love department with his book, What The Heck Is Self-Love Anyway? which is rated 5 stars and has reached the best-selling ranks on Amazon.

We talked about:

  • The #1 problem Jonathon sees with dating today.
  • The typical warning signs and red flags someone should be aware of before dating.
  • How Jonathon uses the Law of Attraction in his coaching.
  • His book on Self-Love and how important self-love is in attracting a successful partner.
  • How you can get really clear on what you want before you ever begin the dating process.
  • And much more!

For Our Guests – Jonathan is giving away a Free Chapter of his book, What the Heck is Self-Love Anyway? by going to:

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