Edie Raether: Creating a Mindshift


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Get ready for a mindshift! Tune to Power Your Life and find out how! As a Change Strategist and Brain Trainer, Edie Raether is an international authority on human potential, motivation and behavioral psychology. She’s also been a psychotherapist, family counselor, occupational therapist, college professor and talk show host with affiliates of ABC. From children to CEOs, Edie’s keynotes and seminars create a “mindshift” that optimizes performance both personally and in the workplace. Passionate about “why we do what we do,” Edie’s mind-mastery strategies ignite breakthrough thinking and innovation to revolutionize how work gets done. A bestselling author, Edie has written seven books, including “I Believe I Can Fly”, an empowering character-building program for children. She’s a frequent resource for media including The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, NBC and Reuters. Her nuts-and-bolts approach makes all programs relevant, resolution-oriented and most of all get results.

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