Eric de Groot: Saving The American Dream


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How can something so small be such a great inspiration? On Power Your Life Radio, Eric de Groot explains how his American Dream helps people experience America in just one day! The landscape of America is as diverse as the people who live here. To experience all this great country has to offer could take over a lifetime. That’s why Eric de Groot founded family-oriented theme park, MINI AMERICA, to bring the beauty of our country and the inspiring story of the American Dream to life by allowing visitors to roam freely from a miniature coast to coast in just one day, stopping by their favorite landmarks or gazing upon spectacular vistas. This state-of-the-art theme park with miniature versions of America's most well-known locations will be a place where people can share their amazing stories of striving for and achieving the American Dream, inspiring others with the entrepreneurial spirit that has made America thrive. Eric de Groot is Founder and Managing General Partner of Mini America, based in Atlanta, Georgia where America comes alive in miniature. Visitors are inspired to become entrepreneurs to improve their own lives and stimulate the American economy. De Groot, a global educator and entrepreneur brings with him 27+ years of international business, marketing and product development experience. Taking advantage of the latest technology, MINI AMERICA’s goal is to educate, entertain, and inspire in a sustainable environment in the park and through a variety of interconnected on-line programs and communities.

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