Marcus Hart: The Power of Optimism to Transform through Life Trauma


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Is there really a way out of trauma? YES! Marcus Hart is proof that you can overcome anything. Tune in to Power Your Life and fi d out how! Marcus Hart’s trauma began the moment he entered the world, having died at birth and being brought back to life. His trauma continued through childhood while growing up and witnessing poverty and becoming a victim of sexual and physical abuse. The bullying Hart experienced through High School and the violence he witnessed in the neighborhood led him to enlist in the military at the age of 17. Completing an 18-month deployment to Kuwait in support of the Iraq War, Hart battled and conquered a neck injury, PTSD, a sex and gambling addiction, and suicide attempts while starting his first business. After being faced with two federal life sentences he overcame it using the power of optimism and holistic modalities to transform his life and enter into recovery. He authored books and started two podcast shows “The Transform U! Live Show” and “Beyond the Natural”.

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