Marti MacGibbon: Tools to Build Emotional Resiliency


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You hold the key to your own happiness and emotional balance. Tune in Power Your Life and learn how to be more self-empowered and change your life! Marti MacGibbon, CADC-II, ACRPS, CAPMS, is a nationally renowned humorous inspirational speaker, certified mental health professional, and author of the nationally award-winning memoirs, Fierce, Funny, and Female and Never Give in to Fear. She’s an internationally known author and an expert on trauma resolution and addiction. Marti is also an empowerment and resiliency coach. She’s triumphed over adolescent sexual assault and abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder, human trafficking, homelessness, domestic violence, and addiction. Through her own resiliency, Marti shares empowered self-care strategies to build a daily program of wellness and self-empowerment. She helps those facing challenges or adversity with fun ways to use mindfulness, celebration, gratitude, positive self-talk and positive visualization to reframe their mindset and to discover and build personal power and inner strength.

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