Fika Talk Takeover #1: Introduction


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Announcing a new series my daughter, Audrey, and I are putting together called Fika Talk, inspired by our time in Sweden where the Fika state-of-mind reigns. Highly regarded as an essential part of life and business within the Swedish culture, the Fika break occurs in the afternoon. It is a revered time to recharge and connect with colleagues and friends over coffee and cake.

Our Fika breaks will hopefully offer inspiration and tips for those who are already living the self-employed lifestyle or are thinking about making the leap. Possibly the uncertain times are forcing your hand.

It’s not too scary in self-employment land. I have been doing it for over 15 years, first as a Realtor before starting my own PR firm, Veracity, where I hustled as a contractor first to build it up.

Fika with us daily to get inspiration on getting going with thoughts on: building a book of business, working from home, stay-at-home parenting while working, spousal partnerships and much more — always with a slight slant towards working in the marketing and PR industry.

Audrey will provide staging, style direction and commentary. She helped me name the dang thing after all.

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