Ep. #03: Seven Core Concepts for Holistic Financial Planning - Bert Whitehead, MBA, JD


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Sometimes it seems financial plans are focused more on products or investment theory instead of how clients live their real lives. Adding more value for the client, by using a process that focuses on what makes a real difference to them, starts with looking at how they actually experience their money day by day. And this point of view compels us to challenge some widely held assumptions about how to deliver financial planning. Our guest, financial planning pioneer and ACP founder Bert Whitehead, JD, MBA, discusses seven core concepts holistic financial planners can apply to acknowledge the reality of what it’s like to create a plan for a real, living person, instead of a financial institution. To learn more about the ACP, please visit www.ACPlanners.org. To learn more about Bert Whitehead, please visit www.BertWhitehead.com.

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