Robby Gallaty on the Relationship Between Preaching and Discipleship


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Pastor Robby Gallaty is the Lead Pastor of Long Hollow Baptist Church. God radically saved him from drug addiction and used Dr. David Platt to disciple Pastor Robby for two years thereafter. This began a lifelong passion for discipleship. Pastor Robby is the President of Replicate Ministries a discipleship oriented ministry. Pastor Robby is a champion of helping Christians and local churches pursue discipleship. In today's episode we discuss the relationship between preaching and disciple making. We discuss how the Pastor can leverage the pulpit to help his people make disciples. I find that in today's world it's far easier and sexier to grow churches in numerical attendance than to actually create processes for disciple making. I believe this is the greatest challenge in the North American Church in light of the consumeristic cultures that Pastors and church attenders participate in and contribute to. This is certainly a challenging episode but you won't be disappointed!

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