Aging Gracefully


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The quote, "Age is not noting but a number use to be many individuals theme song." However is that really true? Or what happens when one hits football numbers? I can recall as a child saying, " I can't wait to get grown." Not realizing that I would be grown much longer than I was going to be a child. And as I recently celebrated a birthday while in the 50 Club I am now reflecting on my mother telling me, "Keep living." Question is how can one do such and age gracefully? Both men and women can struggle with this process. Many use to say that men would go through a mid life crisis. While women became cogars. Then comes the aging process. Some individuals are living much longer than others yet we are still witnessing individuals die at a very young age. Join myself as well as others as we talk about the aging process. We all should age gracefully. Yet many are living lives that are unbalanced and it can take it toll on ones health. To join the conversation call 516 387-1914. Live 4/8/19 at 12:00pm Pacific.

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