Emotionally Unavailable


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Are you in a relationship with an individual that appears to be unavailable, ghosting you, or perhaps struggling with making a commitment? Relationships can take on many forms. However when one is attracted to, dating, or perhaps married to an individual that appears to struggle with their emotions it can create a challenge. Many individuals have knowledge that they may struggle with expressing their emotions and when such is to be shared with another one may not know how to do such. Today show is designed to discuss being involved with one who's emotionally unavailable You may be wanting to be closer to this individual and often question if it is even possible. The individual may be sending you mixed messages. They may become evasive, make excuses, or may be inept when it comes to talking about feeling or the relationship. Individuals will often want to explore therapy to see if the relationship is worth saving or perhaps even have a chance. Both men and women can be emotionally unavailable. There are also different types of unavailability it can be temporary and chronic. The indivudual may have been unavailable when you met them. Others may become unavailable as the relationship grow. It can be that the individual may have a mental illness, a troubled childhood, a higher priority than a relationship. There may be a drug or alcohol problem. They individual may also be married or in another relationship. To learn more as it relates to the subject join in on the conversation by calling 516 387-1914 5/6/19 at 12pm Pacific.Yo can listen live or later at any time.

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