Exposing The Bully


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Are you a Bully? Have you ever been bullied by another? Do you pick on people who are smaller or different from you? Do you like to tease and taunt others? Do you like to tease individuals because you like to see one get upset? Do you think it is funny when other individual make mistakes? Being bullied can cause life long emotional damage. Being a bully is a learned behavior. There are also diffferent types of bullies. As we watch the news and interact within our comunities it appears that this behavior is getting more out of control. Such is making is more difficult to combat. As we try to educate our children about what to do when faced with a bully it appears that more resources, intervention, prevention and education is needed. Individuals appears to be more resistant, angry and dangerous than ever before. The month of October is National Bully Prevention Month. Join me and my callers as we provide education, resources assist parents, children and adults as it relates to this topic. There are several different types of bullies. Call 516 387-1914 to join in on the conversation.

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