God Is Trying To Tell You Something


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How is your relationship with God? Often many have said before you make any decisions, "What did the Lord say?" Individuals have also inquired, "What did Jesus say?" Our lives can sometimes feel like a constant noise. We often want an answer to our life challenges until do we really hear the voice of God? Or is it that we do what we want and later say that it was God? Interesting enough we knew it was our own voice yet we were hoping to hear from Him. Today, as I was preparing for this topic after having the song ring in my spirit, "God Is Trying To Tell You Something." My God brother asked me what does God's voice sound like? I was not going to make up something so I did not answer his question. What I learned from that converation is that your relationship with God plays a vital role in knowing and hearing His voic. That made a lot of sense as to why individuals would pray especially when things are going wrong and become impatient when they don't get an immediate response. So, when you are seeking the answer to one of life's challenges and you don"t want to get it wrong or make a bad decision there is some good news. God is speaking to you all the time. It's the nature of God' to speak to His children. God wants to have fellowship with you and he wants you to hear Him all the time not just when you want something. As a Believer you don't have to go through life blindly making decisions relying on your own abilities. When you learn how to tune in with God's voice you will hear Him. According to the New Testament, it is written that Jesus said, He who has ears to hear, let him hear, " 15 different times. To learn more, join Pastor Daniel Estell and I as we discuss this topic. Live 1/29/19 at 11:30am Pacific. Call 516 387-1914 to join in on the conversation. You can also click on the link to listen later at any time.

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